12:29 AM

Picture from Meeting Rooms..
Majlis Perpisahan Hafiz..
nothing to say.. just wan to share wif u =_+

12:26 AM

new shoes!!
booked from japan lorh..
not really expensive..
but boleh la...
malaysia boleh!!
**but stuff from japan..
intruderss!!!! hahaha

12:22 AM

Picture taken from Annual Dinner Diploma Teknologi Maklumat
how do they look? much more like corporat,haha..
nice pose guys :)

12:13 AM

Picture from Politeknik Ungku Omar 2007

Final Year Semester , i just have a lil close fren name as hafiz , faiz , zaimi, fazlan.. there are my housemates =p , thanks to u guys.. without your help i will not be here.. expecially faiz yang masih tiada hala tujuan.. god bless u.. huhu

11:58 PM

1st of all thanks for visiting here..
i would like to apology to all my fellow fren from taiping, school mates ( k.e and teknik taiping )
above show a lil about my profiles.. hopefully whu's knew me plss follow up the blogger.. Thanks.

My name - Mohd Tashriq Bin Ghazali
D.O.B - 25 May 1987
P.O.B - Taiping,Perak Darul Ridzuan.
Hobbies - Gaming
- Warcraft :: Online Dota ( GG and BS/Uproz Player ) :: Mo0dyZ , StreamyxPro
- Counter Strike :: Not play if been invited =P
- Ragnarok
- Study xD
- Car Modifications
- Programming
- Graphic and Design :: Adobe Photoshop . etc...
School - Sekolah Rendah/Menengah King Edward VII Taiping & S.M Teknik Taiping
Place of work - Jalan Duta,Lembaga Hasil
Position - Progammer