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download music .flv - mp3

hei hei hye hye hye...
good mowning again, pagi2 ni.. eh.. dah afternoon..
bgn tdopun kol 1.35PM.. hehe.. biasa la.. kan bujang ;0
erm.. petang ni aku nak mengajar tentang nak download music yg latest2 k..
bagi file .flv contoh nya dari youtube,browser mestilah FIREFOX! paling2 latest k.
then add on pada firefox -> downthemall -> video downloadhelper -> antvideo -> downloadstatusbar . ok cukup! hehe.. itu je la tools yg aku gunakan untuk download pape dari dunia internet ni,bersmbung balik kepada file .flv surf youtube -> search any video you guys/girl like for then ->

yay! done! good luck yah

coppp copp chopp.. x abis lagi.. hue.. bagi source update mp3 file yangggg paling latest2 before noobies yg lain dgr dlu, saya akan melayari
1. hitz.fm
2. billboard.com
3. era.fm
4. pandai2 korang lah k. ;)

ok la.. bg file mp3 pulok ->

1.english song - musicmeow.info
2.malaysong - lagubaru.blogspot / p2p download tools etc bearshare,aeres dan lain2 lahhhhh... kan? weit kejap~ ade 1 lagi ni info.. bagi tools p2p file tu,becarefull ya.. salah file download mmg 1 of the virus will attack your pc / laptop. better preview 1st,kadang2 sound pun x sodap.. mcm record pakai radio ja.. huhu..
ok la.. smpai sini je.. nak p mandi terjun swimming pool... papaix.. zup!

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reply text msg from pc using iphone

hye.. good morning again.
today i will try out reply msg form pc using Iphone PC Suite.
benda ni bru saje release out. ntah jadi ke x,aku sendiri pun xtahu,
baru nak cuba ni,result dkt comment nnt k..
hehe... jom download dulu :P

reason for used this application.
1. iphone dah jadi router,letak tinggi2 sbb nak dpt max line dari hack router,
2. tgh2 surf gf duk msg,penat la tiap kali nak reply aku bgn. haha..
3. senang smpai pagi esk line 100% x terganggu. fokus pada pc je.. hehe..

taken from forum

Don't worry, there is actually a simple solution to this.

I had the same problem, although I do speak Chinese, my windows system shows all gibberish if I try to install any software in Chinese, it was pretty frustrating at the time... I first had doubts about getting this program, but it is the most user friendly program I have tried

Anyways, go to it's official site (PandaApp.com) and download the latest v2.9.25.168

Solution #1 (More Permanent Method)
- install the program as usual, installation process should all be in English
- Once installed, leave the program CLOSED
- Open a file folder from your computer, go to C: \ program files \ NetDragon \ 91 mobile \ iphone\ LangPack
- Delete all files EXCEPT the English one
- Go open PC suite, it should automatically show in English

Solution #2 (Quick Simple Method)
- install the program as usual, installation process should all be in English
- Once installed, open the program, all words might still be square boxes or gibberish
- On the upper left corner (where the iphone icon is) there should be a little downward arrow, click on it, see below image for details
- The THIRD line should be "select Language"
- Click on "English", this should be first line

There is also step by step guide from the official site's forum, you can go to THIS LINK if above instructions are still confusing.

**** I have done many updates since I've installed this program, I don't have problem with the program automatically going back to Chinese, but if by any chance it goes back to Chinese after update, you should consider using method#1.


I'm trying to fix it without restoring right now, and will post again if I figure it out, but as of now, I have no idea. I haven't backed up in a while and I'm really not looking forward to reinstalling all my Cydia apps.

Hey guys, im one of the devs of 91手机助手 in English "Pc Suite".

QuickNote - Do Not Use the one from SoftPedia! its a hacked version of ours made with English!
its about 2 years old also, you can see the huge difference once using the new one ive linked.

Now we have the new version which supports English as ive been asked so many times to do it,
so its here! And it supports all the latest in firmware and applications, to name some are: iPhone 4,
iPad 1 and 2, Android, etc. This has been in the making for almost 5 months to completely translate
my whole original program from scratch. The only thing that isnt done is the install in which im in the
process of doing that in future though just now im making a guide on how to just install it with a pic
guide or simple a-z. One the program does start up its language will be Chinese! you right click the
mobile icon on the task bar next to the time at the bottom of the screen, and the 4th tab up just go
to English which shall be "English" wrote. Not Chinese which is "英文".

Some things obviously will still be in Chinese, for example our themes section, though typing in English
still works! just you wont get a nearer enough as much results as you would do in Chinese. This is all
going to improve now over the time it gets the new version out to the international community! just
give it time and you will see more and more English stuff on there.

You can find the latest update here! just press the big blue button with the arrow pointing down and
some Chinese words written on it. The download itself is 58.9mb if you have any problems then say so!
I will start a topic up about it soon and with the guide and more English options etc...

Sorry about the big wait and I hope you like the latest update. (our website)
we also have our international forums/site up now here: PandaApp.

Latest version is: v2.9.57.239 and was updated on the 2011-04-01.

*If you do not want the program to have all words in block squares! then make your computer so it
recognises Chinese Microsoft Pinyin. Or your Simple Chinese.


thx bro! u saved me ;)

9:57 AM

Bypass Internet Connection for noobs ;)

hello there, good morning. pagi ni saya nak mengajar tentang bypass internet connection atau dlm bahasa lain yg lebih di fahami oleh masyarakat melaysia kita ni ialah : laluan lain untuk ke website yg di block oleh internet services provider.

1st things mestilah ader internet connection. huhu..
set manual ip address. tmbahkan pada prefer dns : < default dns so ->,,,,
hehe.. try la surf mane2 18XX or hacking website.. sure pass.. good luck yea!

1:22 AM


yeah.. at last the banner is siap already :P
sebenarnya enviroment lhdn dah block upload file,
so aku try decide upload by blog.. dan resultnya seperti di sini..

2:44 AM

2011 - Welcome to Me

hahaha.. im back..